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WiFi Troubleshooting

If you experience connection issues using WiFi, try these tips:


1) Are you using the bundled power supply?

In some cases, a weak power supply or noise from the power grid can interfere with WiFi. The bundled power supply is tested to make sure it delivers enough power.


2) Can you position the GoAllTV with direct line-of-sight to the wireless access point?

Consider using the HDMI extender to move the GoAllTV unit clear of the TV frame. In some setups, moving the antenna can be enough to establish a good connection.


3) Can you try with another TV?

In some setups, the TV sends "ground noise" into the HDMI port.


4) Can you use a USB Hub?

In special cases, the remote and WiFi signals interfere. By using a USB Hub, you can move the remote receiver away from the WiFi antenna and reducere the noise.


5) Have you tried turning off other (WiFi) equipment?

To minimize noise from other transmitters, try to temporarily turn off other radio enabled devices, such as laptops, phones and tables. In rare cases, phone chargers or motors in other devices can interfere with the WiFi signal as well.


6) Can you turn off 5Ghz for your WiFi access point?

In some cases the 5GHz (802.11n) mode on the access point experiences signal loss, when using both the 2.4Ghz and the 5Ghz simultaneously. The GoAllTV uses the 2.4Ghz mode.


7) Can you use a wired connection?

If you are unable to obtain a sufficient connection with WiFi, you can use a cable connection through an adapter. We list a few compatible adapters on this page:

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