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Setting up a new Smartstick

This guide shows how to set up the Smartstick for the first time. This guide includes all clicks and is intentionally kept very detailed to help explain all details.

1. Choose language

Use the arrows on the remote or use the gyro function and place the cursor on the flag and then click to select it.


2. Accept the terms and conditions

Use the arrows or the gyro function to click the OK button.


3. Read instructions and continue

Read the instructions on each page to learn how to use the GoAllTV Smartstick. After reading the instructions, click the arrow to the right, or press the left arrow on the remote.


4. Connect to a new or existing Google account

If you already have an existing Google account, you can log in with that, otherwise use the "New" button to create an account for use with your Smartstick.


5. Connect to your WiFi network

Make sure WiFi is enabled. Then choose your WiFi network name on the list, and click on it, or select it with the arrow buttons and press OK. If you are using a cable connection (Ethernet), this step will be automatically skipped.


6. Authenticate with your WiFi network

If you network needs a password, enter it here and press the "Connect" button. If the keyboard does not show, simply use the gyro function and place the cursor in the text field and press "OK" on the remote to bring up the keyboard.


7. Accept the network setup

When the network is connected, press the "Next" button.


8. Sign in to your Google account

Provide your Google account email address and password. If the keyboard does not pop up, activate the Gyro function on the remote, place the cursor in the relevant field and press the "OK" button on the remote and the keyboard will appear.

After typing the email address, use the "Next" button to go to the password field.

If you cannot see either field because the keyboard is covering the screen, you can press the back button on the remote to get the keyboard away. Click in the desired text field to bring the keyboard back up.


9. Choose optional Google services

Select the options you want to enable, none of the options are required for using the GoAllTV Smartstick.


10. All done

You are now set up, and can start installing and using all the apps you can find.

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