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Installing and using Flash Player on EasyPlayTV

Flash based video is being phased out in favor of other video playback methods. If you find that you need to play back Flash based video on EasyPlayTV, you need to follow these steps.


1) Install the Flash Player plugin.

To install the plugin, click this Flash Player download link.


2) Go to the OI File manager


3) Go into the download folder


4) Click on the downloaded file


5) You are warned that you need to enable unsafe sources


6) Enable installing from unsafe sources


7) Accept the warning


8) Go back


9) Click the downloaded file again


10) Accept the permissions


11) Enable the scanning of unsafe files


12) Wait for the install to complete, then click Done


13) Install either Dolphin browser or Firefox from Google Play


14) Go to the flash video site and click the plugin icon


15) Enjoy the video


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