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Setting up a VPN connection

To set up a VPN connection, follow these steps.

Note: EasyPlayTV only supports PPTP VPN connections.


1) In the settings menu, click "More..." then "VPN"


2) On first use, you are required to create a PIN code to protect your login details.


3) Choose the PIN menu


4) Enter a PIN of your choosing, then click on "Continue"


5) Repeat the PIN code you just chose and click "OK"


6) Click the "+" button to add a new VPN connection



7) Fill out the required information, and click "Save"

The "Name" can be any name you choose.

The "Type" must be PPTP.

The "Server address" is supplied by your VPN provider, and could also be called "hostname" or "IP address".


8) Click on the VPN profile you just created


9) Enter your credentials and click "Connect"

The username and password are supplied by your VPN provider.


10) Thats all! You should now be connected to the VPN.

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